The Hand Center provides specialized care for hands, arms and shoulders.
Dr Gary Kuzma
Dr Matthew Weingold
Dr Kevin Kuzma

The Hand Center of Greensboro specializes in the treatment of injuries and disorders of the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder. Our physicians are board certificated orthopaedic surgeons who have received additional fellowship training in hand and microsurgery. They effectively care for and treat conditions affecting the hand and upper extremities including trauma, fractures, lacerations, tendon and nerve injuries, arthritis, and sports injuries. Our aim is to restore optimal function and use of the hand and upper extremity using advanced surgical skills and innovative technology.

Our therapy center, located in the same building as our physicians, is staffed by certified hand therapists and physical therapists with specialized training and clinical expertise in upper extremity rehabilitation.  Following individualized evaluations our therapist devise treatment programs for a wide range of acute, post-surgical, and chronic conditions involving the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder.

The Hand Center of Greensboro's distinctive technique to evaluation and treatment of upper extremity injuries and conditions provides a comprehensive approach to recovery.

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The Hand Center of Greensboro provides specialized care for the shoulder, arm and hand.