Katherine Hilliard, Director of Therapy, Hand Center of Greensboro


The therapy staff plays  an important role in your recovery, and in helping you prevent reoccurrences of your hand, arm, or shoulder problem. Our facility is located within the doctor’s office which allows frequent and clear communication with  your physician. We also accept referrals from any licensed physician and will work closely with your physician to help you return to your maximum potential.

Treatments may include fitting of custom splints, wound care, pain management, desensitization, strengthening exercises and work conditioning.  The therapist instructs you in a home exercise program that may include teaching proper posture and body mechanics to prevent repetitive strain disorders.

Therapy staff at The Hand Center of Greensboro

Katherine Hilliard, OTR/L, CHT
Director of Therapy

Meet our Therapy Staff

Terri Rowland, OTR/L, CHT
Carol A. Kinneman, PT, ATC
Celyn Holt, PT, MPH

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The Hand Center of Greensboro provides specialized care for the shoulder, arm and hand.